Restaurant, Takeaway and Bar Insurance


We understand that every business has quite different insurance needs, so we give you the choice to select a number of optional extras such as buildings cover and cover away from the premises. You should also be covered if a customer slips on your premises, or if one of your members of staff injures themselves,  protection against loss if you have to close your premises for a period of time, for example due to storm, flood or fire.

Whether you're covering your liability to the public, staff or any money you may keep on your premises, it's essential that you buy the right amount of cover.  If there is a change in your business circumstances, such as taking on extra staff or altering your business activities, let us know and we'll adapt the quote to your needs.

Business Contents
The fixtures & fittings, cash registers, equipment and glass in your premises fall under the protection of contents insurance.
Protecting your property with contents insurance not only gives peace of mind but also allows your business the freedom to operate to its full potential. In these trying times where theft, vandalism, floods and fire can indiscriminately ravaged your business contents, you owe it to your business to be covered.

Buildings Insurance
Your premises represents a huge outlay and protecting it with buildings insurance is vital for any business continuity plan and should always be considered when choosing your insurance policy.

Professional Indemnity & Liability insurance
Professional indemnity cover will protect you from claims by a client due to problems of service and goods provided by your company and Liability Insurance will cover for accidents/incident to the public [your customers] and your employees in your premises.

Business interruption insurance.
Business interruption insurance covers your business against losses incurred following a loss which is covered by your insurance. For example, if you were unable to trade because of a major fire at your premises or loss of licence, business interruption insurance could pay for your lost earnings and costs during the period of interruption.  Employee dishonesty cover protects your business against losses caused by theft, fraud or dishonesty committed by your employees.

Whatever type of insurance you are looking for Best2Insure can provide the cover for you at excellent prices.